Drink – The Official Music Video Released

Hi fellow fans, how are you all?

So some exciting news today, the new music video for Drink was released!!

And it’s rather exciting because it’s full of Jamie’s childhood memories. So come and take a look!

Clash Magazine premiered the new video directed by Charlie Sarsfield.

Charlie introduces the clip…

“For ‘Drink’ I really wanted to take a look at the idea of reflecting back on your journey through life. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that we remember from our youth or formative years, even if they aren’t the most important that affect us the most.”

“From all of these tiny memories, moments, cartoons or sayings you are formed as an individual. We wanted to try and represent this in a visual form, a scrapbook of small battles that culminates in life.”

Jamie explains:

“To create this video I was inspired by the films of Adam Curtis, Jonas Mekas, Vertov’s Man with a Movie Camera, mixed with the cartoons of my youth: He-Man, Jamie and his Magic Torch and old family Super8 footage to create a video that communicated the feeling of life’s experiences playing out in your mind like a surreal slideshow of an unremembered past.”

Read the article in full at Clash Music here.

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