On The Set Of Jamie Cullum’s Music Video

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It’s Monday 24th June 2013, I am on the 2-hour train from Manchester to London to take part in Jamie Cullum’s music video for his new single “Edge Of Something”.

My daughter is 3 weeks old, so I am exhausted but really excited to be involved. And determined my pelvic floor will hold up!

Very little information had been provided about the day. So when I arrive promptly at 1:45 pm as instructed at the Green Lanes Social Club, Stoke Newington, I am curious and not even sure if Jamie will feature in our shoot.

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Three locations are featured in the video, Covent Gardens Antique Market (morning shoot), Green Lanes Social Club (afternoon) and finally Jamboree in the evening.

I have arrived to a warm welcome and lots of Turkish tea.

The club itself is small with four or five round tables.

Jamie Cullum "Edge of something"

The deep red tablecloths add to the ambience and contrast with the whitewashed walls and dark wood panelling. A cosy and inviting space for the afternoon.

Locals are occupying the tables playing Turkish Rummy.

Jamie Cullum's music video

Seven Jamie Cullum fans aka extras are here to take part in the shoot, plus the locals from the club.

I am enjoying my tea as I notice Jamie arrive (he is going to be here), with the film crew in tow, wearing black jeans, a red shirt and black jacket.

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Jamie has come straight from filming at Covent Gardens, so he goes to the cafe next door for a break.

The crew are briefing me on the plan for the afternoon and the story for the music video. Most importantly I’m told to enjoy myself.

After his well-earned break, Jamie has returned & is greeting each and every one of us in turn in his usual warm and friendly way. He is looking genuinely enthusiastic for the afternoon ahead.

Jamie Cullum's music video

Jamie’s beige Wurlitzer Electric piano is set up in just the right spot, the cameras are ready we are almost ready to start.

Jamie Cullum's music video

A member of the crew directs me to my starting place a few feet up the road. I hear those famous words “action”, it’s 3:40 pm

I won’t lie, I can feel the butterflies!

The Story

Jamie casually walks along the street (singing “Edge Of Something”, past the extras who have taken up the role of window shoppers)
Jamie spots a piano in an open doorway, he stops, goes inside and performs “Edge Of Something” at the piano.
The locals playing Turkish Rummy eventually stop their game to listen and watch Jamie play.
The seven of us walk down the road curious about the music we can hear, we go inside the club to see what’s happening. We are swept up in Jamie’s music, clapping and dancing along (no acting required for that).


The atmosphere is jovial and Jamie is doing a superb job keeping a straight face when the cameras are rolling.

One man is gyrating his hips in very close proximity to Jamie.

As a result, a chorus of laughter erupts around us all. This is adding to the joyful end of filming. As can be seen in the end result of the music video.

Filming a music video is hard work. Lots of downtime with discussions about different angles, sound quality, changes in camera lenses.

Jamie Cullum's music video

Instructions to Jamie, extras briefed on changes. Jamie’s earpieces used for live audio playback is switched occasionally from ear to ear to make sure it couldn’t be seen in the shot.

However, Jamie was a pro and definitely lived up to his tweet:

“Hitting the streets of London to make a music video for Edge of Something. Aiming to feel loose, not awkward. Like Beyoncé in Single Ladies.”

He wasn’t awkward at all, he was natural and looked relaxed throughout. No mean feat with fans on set.

And finally……

Jamie Cullum's music video

Jamie was right when he told me it was a really random day. But I know he meant that in a good way. We all enjoyed ourselves.

Filming finished around 5 pm, and the crew packed up ready for the next location.

In conclusion, I head home fueled by adrenaline and excitement and in awe of being around such talented people.

So here is the finished music video, yes I made the final cut. Comment below if you spot me.


Also, take a look at the behind the scenes video for more insight into the day.

Editors note: This post was originally posted In June 2013 and has been completely revamped.


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