Interview With Jamie: Cultural Currents & New Album Update (LP8)

This week Jamie was announced as an ambassador for Independent Venue Week.

Joe Zadeh caught up with Jamie to discuss cultural currents,  Jamie also gave a progress update on the new album.

Independent Venue Week

Hi Jamie, what are you doing, like, right now?

I’m actually at home in my studio, just finishing off stuff for an album I’m making. As you called I was trying to replace a guitar part on a track, which has never sounded good enough. So, I’m trying a different guitar, a different amp, a different mic. I’m a rubbish guitarist, but I’m going to give it a whirl… Until the kids come home anyway.

So you’re working on a new album then?

Yes, it’s as good as finished really. I recorded a lot of it at home this time. I’ve more or less delivered a finished record…….. Continue reading the interview at Independent Venue Week.

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