5 Minutes With Jamie Cullum

5 minutes with Jamie Cullum – A quick catch up

Jamie Cullum is performing at this years Singapore Jazz Festival on 7th April. Prestige online had a brief catch up with Jamie to see what he’s been up to.

How much of the real you do you show?

Hopefully a lot, particularly on this new album. But then again, I probably feel like that every time I finish a new album!

What got you into music and jazz in particular?

It’s in my blood. My family are music and art lovers so I was exposed to it all very young. It was also ingrained in me to experiment and try listening to different things. So when I discovered hip-hop, I delved into the jazz samples within and I was hooked. The sound, the improvisation and the necessary amount of skill to play it were really exciting to me.

Read the full interview at Prestigeonline.com.


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