Video: Mixtape Moment Hits Burg Nideggen

Jamie performed to a sold out audience of 2300 at the Das Festival Auf Burg Nideggen on 9th September.

With his only appearance in NRW, he enthused the fans from the first to the last second with R & B and soul pieces and his big pop hits like “Save Your Soul” and ” “I’m All Over It”. For more than two hours, the youthful turn-of-the-mill spun around, climbed onto his piano, took steam from a drum, fetched a young man to sing to the microphone, and introduced children to his show. He skillfully strengthened his band by 2300 singers, who reacted to his characters after a short test. That it was raining heavily at times could not diminish the party mood.

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I think this video sums up the mood of the night, it gave me goosebumps, and I am sure it will give you them too! Great mixtape moment!!

Let me know if you attended this show, it looked like a great evening.

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