The 5 Emotions You Go Through At A Jamie Gig

So I know that I go through a whole host of emotions when I see Jamie live. Especially if I haven’t seen him for a long time. This is how I believe it goes for us fans:

1 – Excitement
You are so excited, the day has finally arrived. You booked your tickets like forever ago.

2 – Overwhelmed
You managed to survive your excitement. The music starts and Jamie launches into one of your favourite songs, all of a sudden you lose it & feel incredibly overwhelmed.

3 – Sad
All too soon you realise the gig is coming to an end and you wonder how you are going to cope.

4 – Happy
But then you realise it’s time for the Mixtape Moment.

5 – Exhaustion
You put every bit of energy and emotion into that gig and enjoyed every single moment which leaves you exhausted.

Does this happen to you?


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