Roundup: Top 5 Jamie Cullum News This Week 17.8.17

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So I have some more Jamie news roundup for you, some old some new. Enjoy!

  1. Back in February Jamie made his acting debut in an ITV period drama called The Halcyon. Jamie played a lounge singer at a wedding. Not only did Jamie perform on the show but he also wrote two original songs for the soundtrack, Forever & Invincible. Both are beautiful and can be bought on Amazon, or listened to on Spotify etc. I recently came across this interesting interview with Jamie about his time on The Halcyon.

  2. This week Jamie was announced as Hear The World’s new ambassador. Jamie is helping raise awareness for the importance of good hearing and the consequences of hearing loss. Bryan Adams took this photo for the 2018 Hear the World Calendar, this will help raise funds for children in need with hearing loss. More information can be found on the Hear the World Facebook page and on their official website.

    Photo Credit: Bryan Adams
  3. On 29.06.11 I saw Jamie perform at the newly opened Under the Bridge. This gig brings back so many good memories. The stand out memory for me was hearing Save Your Soul. It was the first time Jamie had performed it live, and it hadn’t been quite finished at that point. I was lucky to capture this beautiful moment on video, and have not shared it on here before. I think you will enjoy it, let me know what you think. There were many Cullumholics with me that night (you know who you are), and despite the hours queuing outside we had such a fun evening. Top venue too!!
      1. My review from the night can be found here.

  4. Jamie’s performance at Jazz a Vienne 2017 is now available online
  5. And here are the latest interviews I have enjoyed this week.Q&A at Jazz a Vienne

    A new interview from Sziget Festival.

    Jamie talks BBC Proms & Stormzy in this interview

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