Jamie Cullum Gives Inspiring Talk At Amplify

Jamie attended BBC Amplify this week & spoke to Huw Stephens about his experience of the art of song writing and how he created some of his biggest hits.

M-Magazine published all the best bits.

On breaking through…

When I started out, I was so music industry illiterate, I didn’t know you needed a song for radio, I didn’t think a track needed to be three-and-a-half minutes long. I loved pop, jazz, electronic, hip-hop music – I was across all of that when I was making my second album. It was a reflection of where I was and what I felt. When they pulled two songs out for singles, it was a complete surprise for me. It’s normally the last song you expect that becomes ‘the one’.

Read the full write up here.

Here are all the best bits from social media….


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