Is Music Important?

Today I would like to ask you all, is music important to you?

Like most people, I was brought up with music. My mum playing her old favourites introduced me to the world of music from a young age. I did, however, question her taste!

Years later I can say my love for music has stuck with me. There are many songs that I could list that are the soundtrack of my life. And just listening to them again brings back those memories, that painful, joyous, exciting or even scary time in my life. I love how music can do that to you. Music has comforted me when I’m sad, it’s celebrated with me, and it’s helped lift my spirits during difficult & distressing times. It has given me inspiration, confidence, drive and determination.

I have seen music create unity, bringing people together from all around the world. It’s a universal language that everyone understands. I have met so many friends because of Jamie’s music, and we have shared some amazing experiences together.

Jamie’s music has been a key part of my life for over 10 years now, sure I like lots of other music too, but Jamie and his music is what I always come back to again and again.

So I guess I can’t really imagine my life without music, it continues to play an important part in my well-being and continues to provide the great social aspect with friends. The exciting meet ups, the laughter and memorable gigs.

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Here are just a few videos I have taken of Jamie over the years, and why those songs are important to me.

“All At Sea’, I love the melody, the lyrics and the way it’s totally timeless. This song brings back the memories of seeing Jamie live for the first time and I realised what all the fuss was about!

“You’re Not The Only One’. This was the first song I listened to just hours after my daughter was born. The proudest moment of my life!! And honestly, I cried my eyes out. I was exhausted and overwhelmed but it summed up everything I felt for my daughter in that moment.

“Mixtape” – performed at Heaven nightclub in 2013. I was so heavily pregnant I was terrified the loud music and vibrations were going to start early labour.

I love this video because I enjoy seeing Jamie play his guitar – and this was a really fun trip. I recall partying until around 6 am before jumping on a flight home with no sleep and still full of wine!

For me, the world without music means a world with no soul.

Does music play an important part in your life?

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