Interview: Jamie Cullum’s New Album Will Be All Original Songs

Jamie recently played a free show on Muottas Muragl as part of this year’s Festival da Jazz. Before he went on stage interviewed him.

As we all know, Jamie is working on his new album at the moment. So this interview is great as it gives us an update on when Jamie hopes to finish it.

Your single “Work of Art” came out in the beginning of the year… Can you tell us anything about your upcoming album?
Sure. The only reason I haven’t finished it yet is because I’m touring. But I’ll finish it probably first week of September I think. I’ll take some time off in August to be with my family. It’s going to be all original music and I’m so excited for people that know my music to hear it. I have a feeling that people who have listened to my music from day one, will be particularly excited about it. For the first time I’ve done all originals on this album.

Jamie goes on to talk about the Song Society and answers fans questions. To read the full interview head on over to

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Are you excited for the new album? And all originals too!

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