Do You Keep Your Old Jamie Cullum Gig Tickets?

When I was in my teenage years I used to save all my gig tickets (usually Boyzone tickets).

I would stick them on my bedroom wall. Similarly, as I got older (by older I mean from my mid-twenties 🙂 ) and became a fan of Jamie and started attending his gigs regularly, I began saving my Jamie Cullum tickets.

Some of them are from great locations America, Germany, Oslo etc.

I put them in a photo album along with any photos of the night I had taken, saving the memories of a fabulous show and a reminder of the great new friends I’d met. I would look forward to doing this, for me it was a nice way to relive a great night.

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Over the past few years, I have spent less time doing this.

So more often than not my tickets end up in my bedside drawer with a promise they will one day take their rightful place alongside all the others.

Nowadays a lot of gig tickets are paper-based or can be scanned from your phone. So this got me thinking. What do you all do with your gig tickets? Are they in an album, on a wall, part of an art piece, used as a bookmark? or maybe you don’t do anything. I would love to hear your thoughts and perhaps your ideas will give me and other fans some inspirational ideas.


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