21 Fascinating Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Jamie Cullum

Do you know everything there is to know about the UK’s biggest Jazz artist? Here are 21 fascinating facts you probably don’t know about Jamie Cullum.

  1. Over 1,000 shows before graduation

    Jamie performed in many bands before making it BIG. One of these bands was called Taxi. But it was the British functions (weddings etc) that helped Jamie become the artist we know today. As a result Jamie performed over 1,000 shows before his graduation from Reading University.

    The band Taxi on the set of Gun of The Black Sun
  2. Musical family

    Jamie has a brother called Ben. Ben is a songwriter and record producer. He has worked with many artists including Rizzle Kicks, All Saints and Matt Cardle.

    Ben wrote, These Are The Days, Pointless Nostalgic and co wrote, Save Your Soul, You’re not The Only One and Wheels to name but a few. Ben has performed on stage with Jamie many times.

  3. Eurovision Song Content Entry

    Jamie wrote the 2012 Eurovision entry for Germany called Standing Still  –  performed by Roman Lamb. The song came 8th in the competition.

  4. The Song Society

    Jamie came up with this back in July 2015. In Jamie’s own words, this is what the Song Society is all about.

    I love learning other people’s songs. I find it teaches me a whole lot about songwriting which is particularly inspirational when I’m writing a new album (which is what I am doing NOW!) This time I thought I’d film and record it for you all to check it out and start an official Song Society. The songs I will be doing will be learnt and performed live, warts and all within an hour. These are NOT definitive reconstructions, just a window into my own education!

  5. The Eighty Eight Magazine

    Jamie curates his own Magazine called The Eighty Eight. The Eighty Eight is an occasional magazine full of essays, stories and pictures The Eighty Eight Volume 1 was released in 2013 & Volume 2 in 2015. The Eighty Eight - Awesome things

  6. Musical Instruments

    As well as playing piano, Jamie can also play guitar.

  7. TV Debut

    Michael Parkinson spotted Jamie’s talent in 2003 and asked him to perform on his primetime chat show. Shortly after Jamie signed with Universal and the rest as they say is history.

  8. Movie Soundtracks

    Jamie wrote “Gran Torino” for the film of the same name. The film was released in 2008 which stars Clint Eastwood. The song was well received, achieving a Grammy nomination.

    In addition Clint Eastwood wrote “Grace Is Gone” for the John Cusack movie of the same name. Jamie recorded it  & the song won the award for best song at the Satellite Awards.

    Jamie also recorded “Hey, Look Me Over” for the film Going In Style.
  9. BBC Radio 2 Show

    Jamie hosts his very own BBC Radio 2 show every Tuesday night at 7pm. Launching on 6th April 2010,the show has been on air for 7 years now. Jamie interviewed Clint Eastwood on his BBC radio 2 show in 2010.

    The show has won two New York Radio Awards and the Gold Sony Radio Award in the UK.

  10. 20,000 Twitter Followers Celebration

    To celebrate reaching 20,000 followers in October 2009 on Twitter, Jamie held an online Twitter gig . Asking the fans to tweet what songs they wanted to hear, the show was broadcast live from his home on Ustream.

  11. Must Be The Music Judge

    Jamie was a judge on Sky 1 talent show “Must Be The Music” in 2010. Here is Jamie with fellow judges, Sharleen Spiteri and Dizzee Rascal and winner Emma’s Imagination.

  12. TV Advert

    “Work of Art” features in a TV advert for McArthur Glen.

  13. Christmas Song

    Jamie wrote a Christmas song called “Show Me The Magic”, furthermore this song was also used in the McArthur Glen Christmas advert in 2016.

  14. Edge of Something – Music Video With The Fans

    Filming for the music video centered around London. Jamie invited his fans to take part in the filming process, therefore most of the scenes include genuine fans.

  15. Cheltenham Jazz Festival

    Jamie is the artistic curator for the Cheltenham Jazz Festival.

  16. The Halcyon

    Jamie made his TV acting debut in period drama The Halcyon in February 2017. In addition, Jamie also wrote two songs for the show Forever & Invincible. 

  17. Disney Loves Jamie

    Jamie has recorded songs for both Volume 1 & Volume 2 of Jazz Loves Disney. “Everybody Wants To Be A Cat” from The Aristocats & “Be Our Guest” from Beauty & The Beast. Furthermore Jamie recorded “Where Is Your Heart At” from Meet The Robinson’s.

  18. Collaborations

    Jamie has collaborated with many people over the years, including: Sander Kleinenberg.

    Hugh Laurie

    Tim Minchin

    A future collaboration is expected from Bruno Major.
  19. BBC Proms

    Jamie performed at the BBC Proms in 2010. Most noteworthy was the outstanding performance of “All At Sea” arranged by Tom Richards.

    Jamie also performed at BBC Proms in 2016.
  20. Residency

    In 2003 Jamie held a 3 week residency in the legendary Oak Room in The Algonguin Hotel New York.

  21. New Album (LP8)

    Probably the most exciting news is Jamie is in the studio recording his new album (LP8). Most recently Jamie was recording with the London Symphony Orchestra.

    So while we wait for more news, there are definitely good things to come!

    LP8 coming along nicely – don’t you agree? #LP8

    A post shared by Jamie Cullum (@jamiecullum) on

    Recording strings at @paulepworth ‘s incredible @churchstudios for #LP8

    A post shared by Jamie Cullum (@jamiecullum) on

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