The Eighty-Eight Volume 2

  The new edition of The Eighty-Eight will be released on 1st September, but you can pre-order a copy right now!!!

“The Eighty-Eight is a beautifully designed collection of riveting reads and random curiosities containing essays, stories, poetry and pictures curated by Jamie Cullum. 

Volume two features esteemed contributors such as authors Evie Wyld and Rebecca Hunt, artists Matthew the Horse and Sergio Membrillas, as well as appearances by Professor Green, Stella Creasy, Sophie Dahl and Ben Folds. With high production values and timeless content by the freshest and brightest writers and artists, The Eighty Eight is something to proudly display on your bookshelf or coffee table. It is stocked in The Tate, Waterstones, WH Smith, Stack Magazines and the Design Museum in the UK, and Barnes & Noble and Hudson News in the US as well as worldwide.”
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