You Will Never Believe What Happened At The Java Jazz Festival

“Thousands of fans queue for Jamie Cullum hours before his show”
Photo Credit: Jamie Cullum

Jamie arrived at Java Jazz Festival ahead of his performance to a nice warm welcome and attended the Java Jazz Festival press conference. All pretty normal stuff right?


Well it appears that Jamie’s performance at the festival created quite a gathering, as thousands of fans started queuing hours before the show. Which then caused Jamie to send the following tweet:


hysterical screaming loud applause overshadow the venue on the night –

Jamie at Java Jazz Jamie’s show started at midnight instead of the scheduled 11pm due to fans still queuing to get in, but from what we have been reading the fans did not mind too much. The crowd went wild after his opening number “The Same Things“, a reaction that continued throughout the entire set. And we have to say a well done to Java Jazz Festival, who have been live streaming the festival on YouTube. We can confirm that fans from all around the world tuned in to Jamie’s show and were dancing in their computer chairs. Although I doubt many of them stayed in their chairs for long once the “Mixtape” moment started!

16 songs in 90 minutes –

There are some great reviews from the night we would like to recommend to you: – Java Jazz Highlights – Attractive Appearance Of Jamie Cullum

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