This Hilarious Photobomb From Jamie Made Us Laugh

Wowing the audience is what Jamie does best

It is therefore no surprise that Jamie received high praise following his performance at the Singapore Jazz Festival.

“the livewire with the sandpapered voice outdid himself at the Grand Theatre, Marina Bay Sands – The Straits Times”

With Twitter awash with photos, videos and post gig excitement. It seems Jamie rocked Singapore just as he does everywhere else. Not bad going when you think Jamie only arrived the morning of gig day. So he must have been feeling some jet lag.

With #selfie being the most popular past time for celebrities at the moment. This funny photobomb #selfie from Jana Z on twitter caught our eye.

This spontaneous moment has captured Jamie’s fun-loving & personable personality. Even whilst putting on an amazing show, he obviously couldn’t resist this moment.

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And it’s nice to see it’s not all work and no play.

Tonight Jamie plays Java Jazz Festival in Jakarta, Photobomb anyone?

“His immaculate vocals and rhythmic precision never did wane throughout the 90-minute set” – and The Straits Times have written reviews of the show so please go and take a read and see how Jamie truly rocked Singapore Jazz Festival 2014!

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