Q&A With Jamie – On Being A Dad, Jumping And Rap Music

Jamie will be playing at this years Singapore Jazz Festival on 27th February. Ahead of his show SpinOrBin Music interviewed Jamie, he discussed being a dad and jumping and more.


Jamie Cullum

How do you find being a dad these days, being away from the family to travel and play for crowds? Is it difficult to keep up?

I think any parent has to find that balance between work and home life no matter what job you do. I am working hard to find it! Of course it is difficult, being away is part of my job but it is hard to leave behind my thriving family. I try hard to be away for no more than a few days at a time. It makes my touring life very different.

Which also leads me to my next question: I’ve been to both your concerts in Singapore in 2007 and 2013, and both times you were jumping around the stage, or jumping on the piano, or even jumping down into the crowd. Now that’s a lot of jumping… Where do you get the energy to do what you do in each show?  

Food, whiskey, adrenaline and momentum.

Let’s keep the Momentum going by talking about your latest album of the same name. It’s a lot more jazz influenced this time round, is there a reason you went in that direction when composing? 

It’s funny – a lot of people say the opposite! I think with this album the soul of this album is of the jazz musician, but it’s dressed up with a lot of sounds from the current era of music. I wanted to make something that could only exist in this day and age but with a bunch of great musicianship behind it.

Which is your Favourite song on the album to play live?

Probably Save Your Soul. It seems to be the song that has touched most people from this album.

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