No Stopping The Music

“I think any musician will face the challenge of keeping people’s attention now that there are so many distractions, and music is considered more of a background to so many other pursuits”

Jamie C


It is difficult to get a bead on Jamie Cullum.

The British singer-songwriter who once described himself as having the “soul of a jazz musician” just defies any genres or labels that has been ascribed to him.

The Essex-born artiste, who last performed in Singapore in 2010, will be back for the gala opening show of the inaugural Singapore International Jazz Festival (Sing Jazz) held at the Marina Bay Sands on 27 February.

The double-bill show will also feature a set by Australian jazz trumpet player James Morrison and the Festival Big Band.

While most of his contemporaries play to the popular image of jazz as being associated with the older set, Cullum has repeatedly done something extraordinary with his music – to capture the zeitgeist of youth, and in doing so, he has become a revolutionary figurehead of sorts.

The 33-year-old singer culls influences from pop, hip hop, rock and electronic dance music into his brand of music, found in 2003’s ‘Twentysomething’ to last year’s ‘The Momentum’.

Interview by Zaki Jufri
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