Jamie Rocks The Airwaves

“I love how Jamie brings home his broader love for music during his weekly radio hour!”

Jamie CullumI throw a name into the room …”Jamie Cullum ” …Ahh, yes,…. the jazz musician, the high – energy stage performer, the prolific pianist who blends his own jazz & traditional, classic jazz standards with rock, pop, dance , drum & base and hip hop, the jazz artist who has made it cool for young people to be listening to jazz once more……. Then I hear it: …oh yes and a radio broadcaster..!

Not many realise how versatile & productive Jamie really is!  Apart from writing & constantly working on new materials, he tours extensively. His shows reach far across the globe. On top of that Jamie’s music is often seen to help to raise funds for charitable causes too. Jamie is on the go all the time! Then his radio shows! They are so brilliantly put together! Week after week Jamie seeks out legendary and rising performers to chat to and often to invite to perform in studio sessions for his weekly radio shows!

Jamie cullum in studioJamie Cullum launched his weekly BBC Radio 2 broadcast on 6 April 2010. Jamie hit it right from the start, he developed the winning formula: he introduces jazz artists from both past and present, he blends in interviews with live guests, and whenever possible he features them in live sessions. For me the absolute winner though is how he introduces his greats. It is with such knowledge, enthusiasm & passion; his stories are often accompanied by little personal anecdotes.

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Jamie Cullum

Jamie makes his radio shows real fun to tune into! I love how Jamie brings home his broader love for music during his weekly radio hour! His jazz, is often fused with pop, rock, hip hop, blues, soul , dance music, house, grime , drum & bass , classic jazz and more! I think Jamie has influenced and really turned round the often generally low – key traditionally jazz performances. His love for rhythm is affective and his radio shows are a great joy to listen to.  Jamie never lets his knowledge run away with him, He treats his audience as his chums he wants to share some music with! For me Jamie is the top radio broadcaster I look forward to tune into every Tuesday cause I know I will be taken onto a roller coaster of musical joy, thrills & discoveries! No other broadcaster has achieved & brought this to life for me as Jamie does on a Tuesday evening on BBC Radio 2.

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