Is Jamie Cullum The Justin Bieber Of Jazz?

Whilst Jamie was at the Playboy Jazz Festival recently, someone called him “the Justin Bieber of Jazz” and so Jamie asked if he should be offended?Justin Bieber_ Jamie Cullum

So here’s what we think:

  • Apparently Justin is one of the biggest pop stars to be launched by YouTube.
  • Where as Jamie’s career was helped by non other than the legendary Michael Parkinson.
  • Justin has the “Bieber Fever”, and the suggestion is that if you have more than 1 of his CD’s or bought more than 5 of his songs from iTunes, you are well on your way to having Bieber fever.

“Bieber Fever affects vast numbers of teenage girls and often manifests itself during public celebrity appearances through extreme emotional outbursts and ensuing mass hysteria.”

Well let me think about this. Jamie has the “Mixtape” moment that most definitely gets the audience excited. However, its excitement for such a great song that gets everyone dancing. I have seen fans go crazy for Jamie in Europe, screaming for him even when I saw a show in Oslo. But on the whole I have found Jamie’s fans to be of a mixed generation. And would go as far to say you don’t really see many screaming young teenagers (sorry Jamie).

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I myself have all of Jamie’s albums and I can tell you I have downloaded a lot more than 5 songs from iTunes. So what category would that put me in?

Justin is without doubt a very successful individual, spotted for his singing ability and no doubt boyish good looks which would appeal to the young girls.

Jamie is without doubt the most successful UK jazz musician who was spotted for his talented piano playing and singing voice.

So should Jamie be offended?

I guess it depends in what context it was meant, as we’ve all heard about Justin’s outrageous behaviour recently.

If fans see Jamie as being just as successful in the music industry in the jazz genre as Justin is in pop, then perhaps Jamie shouldn’t be offended, but honoured as to how some of his fans personally interpret his success.

What do you think? Should Jamie be offended?

I wonder what Justin would make of this comment?


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