Interview: Stay Tuned

Jamie recently did an interview with Stay Tuned, Stay Tuned provide interviews for many musicians to help their music become heard.

Luca: After so many years under your belt in the music business, and now you are a married daddy. Has that changed your approach on the music business and your song writing? 
Jamie: It definitely changed my approach to touring. I don’t go away for as long as I used to. There was one time, six or seven years ago, I didn’t go home for a year and a half… I just kind of stayed out there. But now I do kind of short runs and then go back, so it works better for family life. Approach to songwriting: I think having kids and having a family makes you think differently. I think it makes you look deeper at yourself and the world around you. It kind of holds a magnifying glass at everything, so it definitely writes for songwriting.


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