Fan Review: Jamie Cullum At MEO Festival

Written by Di Madeira

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MEO Festival has been a tradition in Portugal, it’s one of the best and oldest festivals of the summer. Usually the bands are alternative rock, but this year, it was a bit different, with some pop, lots of electronic music and of course the unique sound of Jamie Cullum.

He performed on the main stage, to an audience who weren’t especially fans of jazz. Have to say, fans were a bit worried because no one knew how the audience could react.

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Full of energy he came to the stage playing “The Same Things”, the audience was dancing to Jamie’s rhythm, he was on fire, “I’m All Over It” was a good moment to sing and clap along, the big surprise was “Wheels” especially when he said “David Guetta if you are there can you mix this one please” If that happens it will be amazing. I saw Jamie having fun, trying to speak Portuguese or at least the 2 words he knows, the mash up of the night was “Gold Digger/Frontin’/Happy/Hot In Here/Suit & Tie” . People went crazy when he got down from the stage to sing “Love For Sale”. The whole gig had a high vibe and a bit of madness, he made all the audience get involved, “Mixtape” was the perfect end (with a special dedication), you can feel the music go through your body, get into your veins and you just wait for the moment when Jamie will count to four – it seems all the energy wants to escape and you hear “four” and everyone around starts to jump, sing and clap, a full audience all together sharing a special moment – a “Mixtape moment”.

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He said goodbye and the audience were still singing and trying to recover from an amazing gig.

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That day many of the audience saw Jamie for the first time, but at the end I’m sure he won lots of new fans. He conquered the stage and gave his best performance with heart, soul and tunes. And Momentum.

Set List

The Same Things
Get your way
I’m all over it
Everything you didn’t do
“Gold Digger/Frontin/Happy/Hot in here/Suit & Tie
Love for $ale
When I Get Famous
Don’t Stop the music

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