A Conversation With Jamie Cullum

Mike Ragogna at The Huffington Post recently interviewed Jamie.

So Ben Landin was the guy you worked with on Interlude. What did he bring into the mix that you normally wouldn’t have?

JC: He is an interesting producer, the way he works. He manages to get results without impressing himself upon the situation in an aggressive way. He’s got a very, very subtle way of producing that manages to get a great result. He’s very good at getting you to keep the performance and keep the spontaneity of things without going in and polishing up all the edges. But one of the main things he has is this amazing working relationship with a particular studio called Fish Factory where we recorded and with the musicians that he uses under this banner “Nostalgia 77.” When you walk into the studio, pretty much an hour, later you’re recording, and you’re doing it in a large room where you’re not using headphones, you’re not cordoned off by walls and glass panes and big bunches of fabric. You’re actually recording in a room, almost like you would be on stage, all looking at each other and recording in a way that feels very real and very organic. You’re very much inspired to keep these first and second takes. This whole album is made up of things that were done first or second time.

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