5 Reasons To See Jamie Cullum Live

Those that have seen Jamie play live before know that having tickets to see his show is pretty exciting.

You also know one thing is pretty certain, you are going to be among friends who will host the best party in town.

But let’s not forget, there are many fans out there who have not seen Jamie live yet, perhaps you are one of them. Or perhaps you haven’t seen Jamie perform for a long time.

Well, we wanted to share with you our 5 reasons to go and join that best party in town:
  1. Jamie plays for at least 2 hours and displays endless energy throughout, not to mention he sings live (none of this lip-synch stuff like Britney Spears). And whilst his attire may not be as glamorous as Britney’s, he does his fair share of jumping around the stage. Whether it be freestyle dancing or using his piano as a drum, you get a truly authentic LIVE performance every time.
  2. You are guaranteed to be transported into a world of silky tones and infectious beats. Whether it’s the sultry “Don’t Stop The Music“, the jaw-dropping “Gran Torino” or the up-tempo “When I Get Famous“. Jamie invites you into his eclectic music fusions, with every beat you will fall deeper and deeper under his spell.
  3. Jamie jumpingYou can’t miss the jumping off the piano moment, possibly one of THE most photographed moments from his shows.
  4. Jamie has a natural and personable relationship with his audience. He is both funny & engaging, leaving you feeling like you’ve just met an old friend.
  5. The outstanding “Mixtape Moment” that is not to be missed. The “Mixtape Moment” has been given this official term by his fans, due to the mass audience participation. You will leave the show feeling somewhat exhausted, but that surely means you’ve had a jolly good time right?? The video below is a great example of one of these magical moments.
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Of course, there are more than 5 reasons why any fan should experience a live show. What are yours?


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