3 Reasons Why Momentum Makes A Great Addition To Any Album Collection

Many people I have spoken to have always said “oh Jamie Cullen, that Jazz guy”

Personally I don’t think Jamie can simply be pigeonholed as “just” a jazz artist. If there is one thing Jamie has proven over the years, it’s that Jazz is not the only thing he is good at, and I think Momentum is a great example of this.

Whilst the album certainly retains that jazz element, it has most definitely (and quite successfully) crossed over into the “pop” arena. This album takes us on a journey of Jamie’s latest music discoveries, and I have really enjoyed it.

For those who are yet to buy the album. Here are my 3 reasons to add it to your album collection:

  1. The album is a real mixtape of pop and jazz, it doesn’t hold back with its catchy lyrics, and beautiful smooth tones. The stunning big orchestral sounds, mixed with those intimately recorded moments make this album a real musical feast. It is therefore no surprise that it even has a positive impact on non Jamie fans, causing them to toe tap along. Yes I have personally witnessed this, and I can’t help but smile (feeling that proud fan moment). So you can only imagine the impact it has on the rest of us
  2. Momentum-480x480It features the pop song “You’re Not The Only One” (which is crying out to be used on the X Factor coverage. Someone please tell Simon Cowell) and the amusing “When I Get Famous“, both tracks are guaranteed to drag you out of any bad mood. It always works for me.  The album also has those beautiful slow numbers. “Get A Hold Of Yourself” is sung in barely more than a whisper. Perfect for those moments when you need something a little quieter to relax to.
  3. Two words “bonus features“, need I say more? We all like a bargain. Momentum not only gives us 12 tracks. But the deluxe version has a second cd with 3 more songs plus 6 tracks recorded live at Abbey Road Studios. And if that wasn’t enough, it also includes a DVD with an interview with Jamie. Jamie talks us through how the songs came about and the meanings behind them, offering us a real insight into the making of “Momentum“.
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These days I think the radio is full of artists that all sound the same, Momentum is my perfect soundtrack to escape that.

Of course these are just a few of my thoughts and opinions. But what do you think? Do you agree? Or perhaps you have 3 completely different reasons?

Momentum can be purchased at jamiecullum.com

(I wish people would get Jamie’s name right, it’s Cullum not Cullen! 🙂 )

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