Through The Night With Jamie Cullum & Boris Becker

Jamie Cullum
Jamie Cullum & Boris Becker recently spent some quality time together for a German TV show called “Through the Night with“, which is due to air on Sunday 6th October on arte+7.

The tv show will see the pair hanging out and visiting various places around London.

The show starts with a trip to the iconic Wimbledon, a special intimate performance from Jamie at The Shard (one of the tallest buildings in London). They also go go-carting, Whisky tasting and not forgetting a little game of poka.

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Lastly Jamie takes Boris to a place where his career started, the 606 club.

Whilst we wait for the 6th October you can watch some clips from the show below.

German fans can tune into the show on Sunday 6th October at 00:20.


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