Tesco Living Interview

A new and insightful interview with Jamie from Tesco Living:

Jamie Cullum

The jazz musician and Radio 2 DJ talks about growing up, getting older, and his most embarrassing moments

What’s the best thing about performing?

Undoubtedly watching the music I’ve created in private connecting with people in public. It’s an amazing feeling!

What rituals do you have before going on stage?

I have a whiskey with hot water and honey and a bit of sing-song!

Which gadgets do you always have with you when you’re on tour?

When I’m on tour I still do my weekly show for BBC Radio 2, so I have some quite serious recording equipment with me at all times. I can do the show from wherever I am!

Who did you last text and why?

My wife, of course! Why? That’s for me to know!

Read the interview in full at Tesco Living.

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