San Sebastian Press Conference With Jamie Cullum

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San Sebastian, July 24 (EFE). – The singer Jamie Cullum said today in San Sebastian in the music industry “almost every day” asked to sell your “soul”, which is “something terrible” but that always tries to make “the right decisions” and believes so.

“I have not been asked to pose nude for a magazine, even if I am offered the right money I would,” Cullum joked in a press conference a few hours before opening at the beach Zurriola 48 Heineken Jazz Festival.

Cullum is an artist who kept his feet on the earth, which helps, said, following the example of “the great contemporary musicians”, who is taking his job quite seriously.

“I am aware of my limitations in my three facets, as a pianist, singer and composer. Therefore it is very important to be serious about what I do,” he stressed.

British musician, who has made many different versions of musicians, from Cole Porter to Rihanna, said that would not be able to versioning to an author like Tom Waits, but only plays their songs at home, for himself.

“I admire him a lot and not be able to play them in public. Do not think it will match,” said.

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It also responded to those who think that his latest album, “Momentum”, has tilted too pop and has ensured that cares “a fuck” pigeonhole him into a kind of style or another.

Think I would have had more success with a line “swing, retro, type Michael Bublé” stated, to immediately show his respect for the Canadian singer, which has said it is “an extraordinary guy.”

“It’s the first time they are all original songs of mine and I wanted things I had not done before. But what’s inside, the skeleton is that of a jazz musician,” he stressed.

It’s the same “skeleton” that believes it has one of his “biggest idols”, Elvis Costello, who will be tomorrow at the same stage as him in this Jazzaldia.

“Within Costello is Chet Baker. And when it all of a sudden, you can do it”, said Cullum, who learned to play the piano by ear and still lasts “anger” at school because he was not allowed approach that instrument, reserved for those students who received classical training.

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