New Spanish Interview: The Moment Of Jamie Cullum

Now I don’t speak Spanish, so you’ll have to bear with me on this one. I have used Google translator ans this is there a rough translation of this interviews.

Jamie c


Jamie Cullum, the youngest of jazz, has grown up and has escaped into the land of pop on their new album, Momentum , sixth in a prodigious career. “At first I was unsure how people would take a little side stop jazz and classical releases have been some of my identity, to show his own compositions.

Now I’m sure that was what I had to do. ” While retaining that air of neighborhood kid who does not miss one, the talented pianist, composer and singer has met the 33 British, married with a model and writer who sticks her head, granddaughter of writer Roald Dahl , and happy parent of two girls to fight if you can not get on the furniture because it is something he does in concert: singing and banging on the piano keys with his Converse . “That’s not important to me, declares the Magazine – what will make me happy is that they grow to be passionate about something to fill their lives, whether you want to be cops as accountants. And if you get on the furniture in the meantime, should be monitored not hurt. ” The music, since childhood, has been the focus of his life.

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