NDR2: Video’s & Interview With Jamie Cullum

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Jamie recorded some live performances for NDR2, Everything You Didn’t Do and You’re Not The Only One. Check out the videos by clicking below. Also check out NDR’s interview with Jamie below.

Jamie Cullum: “touching up songs robs life”

Exciting times for fans of Jamie Cullum: On 17 May appear his new album “Momentum”, 23 May, it occurs at the ECHO Jazz 2013. With Kristina Bischoff from the NDR 2 music department of piano artists has led a very personal conversation:

You are now a father of two daughters, the little one is just barely two months old. Since shift determines the life prospects?
Absolutely, and that’s an understatement! We see not only what is become an important. But you also see the best of you, the worst thing about you, and also in the world. Because if you put children into the world, only one falls on me, how beautiful she is – and at the same time as frightening. And that’s why I just fall on the sad side, which this world offers. Fortunately, I do not stay stuck in it when I know it’s there now are great people with whom I can share the world.

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Please tell us a bit more about it!
I had to also think about my time management. As a type of artist I am not the expert in it (laughs). This has had an impact on my work. I went into the studio and have decided not to think but only to make music. “I now have two hours, now I’m a try.” Then I sat down at the drums and then there is the song “Everything You Did not Do” came out.

Why the album is called “momentum”?
As well. But it also points out that things stay on track when you get older. If you are a teen, then there is this momentum, this river that the mistakes you make then brings a pass. As you get older, it is up to you to tinker on his luck. It’s about themselves opportunities to build, rather than just taking what. Which is not necessarily bad. It’s more like a realization that you can not rely on easy put away a hangover. If you have exceeded the 32 times it takes two days to do so.

Read the interview in full at the NDR2 website here

Video – You’re Not The Only One

Video – Everything You Didn’t Do

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