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Keep wearing with some ease, even your hair appears disheveled and his face damn boy seems never forsake you. However, something seems to have changed inside Jamie Cullum (Rochford, United Kingdom, 1979). Since turning 30, the versatile musician has married-with model and writer Sophie Dahl, has been the father of two daughters and has basically settled down. His sixth studio album, Momentum , is the natural consequence of all this, although it does not sound at all as expected, since it is a sparkling pop album without prejudice.

How hard was forged?

It’s an album of composer. In the past established my identity to the public versions combining my songs. It’s not something I’m saying to reject or not to go back to do, in fact when I started working on the album I had no idea what it would be, if it would be an album of standards or a version of Michael Jackson. Gradually appearing songs, almost all quite simple, also jazz songs in their own way but with all the things I love, like Ben Folds, Dr. John, Herbie Hancock, James Brown, rap, electronic music, all that. At the end I thought, I have these 15 songs and several versions but I’d do, if I ever want to make an album entirely composed of songs, this is the time to do it, and I have to be brave.

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Is your disk less jazz?

My music is now easier and I guess when you’re removing chords and saxophone solos people perceive it as more like pop than jazz. In any case, I think has quite a bit of jazz. But really, I decided that the songs were so good that it was not necessary to take them to justify or explain. At one point, I thought, ‘Fuck it!’ (Laughs). They are good songs, I record them and I do not care what they are. I felt strong, able to do anything. In fact in January recorded a jazz session, just for fun. Momentum generated a high level of productivity, I’ve written more songs than ever, I have also started a musical with a friend. I feel that this is the beginning of a new chapter in my career.

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