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Photo Credit: Carla Amaro Photography Sara Matos / Global Image
Photo Credit: Carla Amaro Photography Sara Matos / Global Image

The singer pop returns to Portugal next Friday to act on stage at the Cool Jazz Fest in Poets Park in Oeiras. Not his talent is not weird to Portuguese Portugal is strange. The last time I was here, in May, the News Magazine was backstage in a conversation about music, his wife, daughters, parents, children and … Portugal.

Looks like a kid and endless energy on stage and off. On the last visit to Portugal in May to present at the Golden Globes one of the songs of Momentum , their sixth and final album the English musician of 33 years have not defrauded the assistance that it expected the usual performance: vibrant, at least .The boy seems to work the batteries. And this has claw claw shines in everything he does. And he does so: composes, writes, plays, sings and is super fun, to the delight of fans. More, not air shows star inaccessible or who lives in a world apart from ordinary mortals. This is the image that is after seeing him in concert More Small World Radio Commercial (RC), on the terrace of the Hotel Sheraton in Lisbon, where he played for twenty fans, winners of a hobby of RC.

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Only two meters separated him from the service, which vibrated with 12 topics of Momentum , and three songs from the end of the show called them unto him, and everyone around the piano, sang and jumped with him. The sisters Lopes were euphoric with this proximity. Said the youngest, Clara, 29 years: “I love it. I love the music, love the energy transmitted on stage. I knew it was friendly, but the point here is you you there with us … Seriously, I was not expecting. Clara is a fan of Jamie since he was the television show Herman Joseph, in 2005, and since then has not missed a single concert in Portugal: “This is the sixth. Were all beastly, but the latter, in Cascais, was brutal. And this was a special, short-handed, more intimate. It’s a great feeling to be so close to him. “Her sister, Susan, 37, is also a fervent fanatical Style Jamie:” When he puts on the piano, I feel like doing the same thing. His rhythm is contagious. Incidentally, the day I went wrong, just put him to play any CD that my spirits arrebita. It is automatic. “

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