Jamie Visits Cavendish Pianos

Over the past two days Jamie has been in Yorkshire (North of England) visiting Cavendish Pianos. And has even taken part in some street busking, maybe you even saw him?.

Jamie is making a new BBC Radio 4 documentary and this is what has brought him to the Dales.  Jamie has been looking into the history of piano making and how they are made in the UK’s last remaining piano manufacturing premises. Here is what else Jamie has been up to:

Not only did Jamie interview Cavendish Pianos but he also did a spot of busking outside York Minster too.

Jamie also looked into how the pianos are built.


Jamie has also looked into the restoration.

And I think it’s safe to say Jamie may have left a lasting impression.



It sounds like this is set to be an extremely interesting documentary. Keep checking back right here for further details on when the documentary will air.

Whilst you are waiting for further details why note vote for Cavendish Pianos for “Best Acoustic Piano” for the MIA Music Awards. Voting closes at 5pm on October 25.

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