Jamie Takes Over TSF Jazz Radio

Today Jamie took over TSF Radio, with live permanences and interviews from 8am to midnight.

Here is an interview he did with TSF ahead of their Jamie Cullum day.

Photo Credit: TSF Jazz

At coffee and pain au chocolat, the book is because of James Lee Burke on the table, and the only way to make you “feel” the South – Louisiana’s Bayou, its oil wells and his ex-cons Blues players … Outside, jackhammers sink into the asphalt, Republic Square. The same people who have awakened Jamie Cullum earlier than expected.

The day before, Neil Cowley , José James and Beyonce were in town but we can not have missed it for the world the intimate show of the British at the Maroquinerie, even if it lacked a bit of lights , dancers and lingerie H & M … Concert sold out 400 people for eye thirties Parisian chic rather, more-or-less glasses … Basically, those who have discovered Jamie with Twentysomething and grew up with him.

Manager, press attaché bags and expect the other end of the bar. Jamie Cullum says hello to his colleagues TSF JAZZ – the Jamie Cullum Show is broadcast every Sunday at 11am – and inquired about the health of the radio , he hears about every day in the kitchen (# fact). Before the interview, he asked if we could find some food for thought in his latest album, Momentum . At first listen, it was asked, because of the very corner, very Pop … But in the end, When I Get Famous is a rather atomic single!

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With its weekly program, Jamie Cullum is one of those artists who have crossed the barrier: It is as musician smuggler. Inevitably, it is the ideal client to talk music and his album is full of influences more or less obvious. You can stop on When I Get Famous , for example, and turn onto New Orleans, the last great disc Dr. John , the bands, the Second Line … Or 3 organ he bought on E-Bay to give the title a deliciously vintage sound.

You can also expound on the art of making a good pop song in English or how to blow a standard as Love For Sale , produced by Dan The Automator .

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Jamie had an early start at TSF Jazz today!!

For more photos and videos check out TSF’S Facebook page here.

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