Jamie Cullum On Meeting Rihanna, “Hipster Bombs” And His Love Of German Techno

By Oliver Franklin 29 May 13

“How lucky can one guy be?” Dean Martin croons overhead as Jamie Cullum relaxes by a pool in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, vintage Ray-Bans shining in the sunlight. The soundtrack couldn’t be more appropriate; Cullum has recently celebrated the birth of his second daughter with model and author Sophie Dahl, and is preparing for the launch of his sixth album, Momentum on his new label Island Records. Appropriate, too, that the bar would be playing a classic from the American songbook classic around which Cullum has built his career so far (like Martin, he covered “What A Difference A Day Makes” on his breakthrough album Twentysomething).

But for his new album, the well-dressed 33-year-old is finally breaking free of the jazz-pop covers through which he has made his name. “It’s 10 original songs, two covers. That’s not my safe place, at all,” says Cullum. “But I felt in a really bold mood after I’d written the songs. I felt like they deserved to stand on their own, they demanded their own record.” To mark the album’s release, here Cullum discusses getting feedback from Rihanna, the best film soundtracks of all time and his unlikely passion for heavy metal…

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