Jamie Cullum Looks Back On Swindon Days

Article from the Swindon Advertiser

From Barry Leighton

As international jazz star Jamie Cullum releases his sixth album today, he talks to Barry Leighton about his humble, but fondly remembered, beginnings in Swindon

THE pungent aroma of coffee fills the air as be-suited businessmen clutching briefcases make their choices from the breakfast buffet before sitting down to study the day’s agenda.

It is not yet 9am on a bitingly cold April morning when proceedings at the Swindon Business Breakfast suddenly perk up. A welcoming, rather wonderful sound emerges from a corner of our marquee, which has been erected next to the Designer Outlet Village.

A three-piece jazz band led by a grinning, boyish pianist is swinging cheerfully into action, warming us up and brightening the day.

It is Jamie Cullum – but what is he doing here? In a blaze of publicity, the 23-year-old Wiltshire singer-pianist has just signed a record deal worth more than £1 million – unheard of for a jazz musician.

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