Jamie Cullum: “Before he was famous he was just a baby-faced kid”

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The aura given off Jamie Cullum is not proportional to their height. Menudo and smiling, is on tour promoting his new album, ‘Momentum’. A compact variety, full of surprises, produced by Jim Abbis (Arctic Monkeys, Adele) and Dan The Automator (Kasabian, DJ Shadow). The pianist, singer-songwriter and has scheduled two concerts in Catalonia. The next November 28 will be playing in the room Barts. And earlier, on August 5th at the Festival of Peralada (Girona).

– Is Jamie Cullum at its best?
– I do not tend to look back or forward. It’s good to live in the present. And I really think that this feeling, this way of singing, these compositions and how to approach this production could not have led to five years ago. So possibly, yes. I’m at my best.

– On this album has one foot in the eternal youth that seems installed and another in adulthood. Do you have something to do with the fact that it was father?
– Indeed. Having two girls you plant in adulthood. But on the other hand, you can look to the past in a more critical, constructive sense, and you want to continue having that youthful enthusiasm and youthful attitude to music. Do not lose the ability to communicate. And the sum of these two parts is what comes on the disc and makes it interesting.

– And keep that unprejudiced attitude leads him to climb on the piano, to mingle with the public … Who does not know him might think that answers a marketing strategy.
– When I started, I was very shy! He acted more inside, without any confidence. And it was music that brought that part of me: my true self. Over the years I gained security and I have no longer any fear of failure. If something goes wrong, I get as part of the show. We assume, period.

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