Jamie Cullum And His Fender Rhodes Collection

From Drowned In Sound

Roland Space Echo

I have been collecting gear since I started earning a living as a musician from 17 years old. I had fantasized about a Fender Rhodes electric piano since I heard Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters. I scoured Trade-it, Loot and the classifieds of the local Bristol papers. I finally found one after a year of looking longingly at those tiny ads. It was a studio 73 Mark 1 model with the speaker underneath. More bell-like in tone than the attack of Herbie’s Rhodes on the second half of the track Chameleon, but still an amazing instrument. It now lives in my brother’s studio and I have since purchased 2 other Rhodes. All the eras sound very different. The one I currently have in my studio is a Stage 73 Mark 2. It is not as nuanced as the earlier Rhodes but it does have that attack-y sound I was after. I also have a stage 54, the tiny, almost carry-able Rhodes which is mostly laughed at by the real Rhodes community. I love it. It really digs in and it has accompanied me on 3 world tours.

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