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The British musician has released his sixth studio album, ‘Momentum’, which will feature live three festivals this summer in Spanish.

Lover of both jazz and recent ‘hits’ that sound in radiofórmulas, Jamie Cullum has become a benchmark for large musical events.

Portishead has reinvented parts and Rihanna in jazz and dance key that genre standards like hard rock tunes. They are the only achievements and peculiarities of Jamie Cullum , a British often passionate about video games and the husband of the granddaughter of the novelist model Roald Dahl , Sophie Dahl has also sold over ten million albums worldwide, was chosen by Clint Eastwood to compose one of the main themes of Gran Torino and is claimed by the world’s most important festivals. Without going any further, the next July inaugurate the Heineken Jazzaldía of San Sebastian, where he will present the songs from his new latest album, Momentum.

He says his new album is inspired by the passage from youth to maturity. Is it more bearable that trance music?
Yes In the album facets converge and again crazy young man responsible. I just had my second child and fatherhood not only forces you to grow, but it makes everything more intensely alive … and concern. I used to think that having children would make everything amazing, and in a way is true, but you also start importing the world for future generations, and that causes a lot of headaches.

And how does all this translate into music?
Any mixture of jazz in New Orleans with Beyoncé? It could be a definition! I love jazz but also big hits of pop and love songs. I think my sound sits somewhere between jazz and the music of Cole Porter, Elton John, Aphex Twin, Beyonce … The result is something like a roller coaster jumping energy than the intimate, and try different styles.

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