Interview: Planing To Sit Down? You’re At The Wrong Gig


Article from Henley Standard

Jamie Cullum does not like to be defined or labelled. Nor does he like to be predictable.

The married father-of-two, who is on the verge of releasing his sixth album, is known to most of us as the pint size musician who made jazz cool for the younger generation after performing on Parkinson in 2003.

But none of these associations seem to sit comfortably with the 33-year-old, who will perform on the Henley Festival’s famous floating stage this summer.

So how would he describe his style?

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“It is not my job to describe my style thank God, because I could not, but I am a musician, songwriter, piano player and guitarist.

“I spend such a lot of time in the jazz world but I am not unique there are a lot of young people out there singing and playing jazz.

“When I was at school there was a certain image of a classical musician, but if people can play it and feel good about it, that’s what it’s all about.

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