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At 33, the pianist and singer Jamie Cullum has released six albums, has sold more than 10 million albums and in 2003 was named the UK jazz artist best-selling of all time. Cullum Jazz is a revolutionary.He has been able to bring this style of music to millions of people around the world with music fusing pop and hip hop. “Part of the joy of making jazz is that you can delve into all sorts of genres, because you have great technique on the fingertips.’re A hungry animal,” said Jamie Cullum in ‘The Window’

Jamie Cullum is defined as “a lucky person” because as a young man discovered that what they really liked was the music. “It’s a challenge go get what you like, but this is key to being happy.” And Jamie Cullum is. With 33 years has just released his sixth album, ‘Momentum’, has sold over 10 million albums since he began his career and is the father of two daughters. “For me, music has always meant fun, was a form of binding or have a party ” has recognized laughs in ‘The Window’ .

He also stated that fatherhood has changed his life, “see the greatness of the world and the sadness that this implies”, however, on this record sound also notes the boy who was and is still in some respects. “This album wants to reconcile the idea of being a father and adult with the idea that imagination remains, the crazy guy who is older and it costs three days to recover from a hangover.”

Jamie Cullum believes that music can help overcome tough times like Spain is going through economically. “It is important in times like this to remain true to the simple things in life, like music, that can help us through this. But we also need good leaders and good politicians”.

Cullum not imagine doing anything other than singing and playing the piano, his inseparable companion. When you ask if in 70 years is still seen in this office responds: ” When I’m 70 I want to be better pianist , I want to keep playing. ” Do not think much fame, thinks it’s a fad and what’s important is the work that has got to do with the passage of time. “Fame is something very short that arises when you start, if you stay with the work done, you can be very empty.”

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