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He might  still look boyish,  but at nearly 34 and a dad for the second time, Jamie Cullum is most certainly growing up as Barbara Hodgson found out

Jamie Cullum

Jamie Cullum once  described himself as having the soul of a jazz musician. But his genre-mixing music makes  it  impossible  to confine  him to  a box, which is just the way the  singer-songwriter and instrumentalist likes it.

If his soul is jazz,  then his heart is that of a poet and the English graduate has such a bright and expansive way of speaking that he almost waxes lyrical just talking about coming  to Sage Gateshead.

He’ll be kicking off a short UK tour here in October in celebration of the release this summer of new album Momentum and, besides playing   piano at an intimate gig at the venue,  he says he’s been up  to listen to music there too and enthuses about our  creativity.

“Sage Gateshead is such an amazing place,” he says. “It’s like a brilliant shining beacon of truth and beauty in the UK.

“It seems so much good stuff is happening there.”

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Good stuff has been happening for Jamie too. He became a dad again in March, with a second daughter  to wife Sophie Dahl, the former model and granddaughter of writer Roald, and his new album is now out.

This is the  sixth studio album for the Essex-born musician,  who grew up in Wiltshire and has been immersed in music all his life, including  pop and hip-hop in his school days, and has sold  more than 10m records around the world.

While rooted in jazz, his career has seen several changes of direction but, as he points out, it’s only the older generation of real traditionalists who think strictly in terms  of specific genres.

“You don’t find it with young people at all,” he says.

“They’re open to change.

“They’ve grown up around a music culture that’s open and more about  sharing.

 “It’s different now, from roots music to cinematic screenplays to Louis Armstrong…”

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