Interview: “I Like To Be Irresponsible”

Jamie Cullum

Photo Credit: Cristina Bejarano

We are in a five star hotel in Madrid. Jamie Cullum takes four days getting up at dawn to get on planes and performing in galas and television until all hours. The staff of the record is out, and that tomorrow will not have to go to Paris at seven o’clock. Cullum, yes. Enter the room. It often is disheveled, and jokes with the allergy you have to “promo” of his new album, “Momentum” (Universal), featuring the Starlite Marbella Festival (July 27), Girona (July 28 ) and, after the summer, in Madrid (November 27) and Barcelona (28).

I’ve read it’s an album about growing up. Have you made a reflection on his life writing?

I have put myself in the spotlight because it is, to have new responsibilities, and what things actually mean something. Because I spent my twenties running away from what could import something and worrying to find another party, because he was unprepared for the important things. Now I have accepted responsibilities, like having a child. So it comes to a balance between the person you have to be and what I like to be: irresponsible.

Have you found more things to be proud or repent?

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I believe that to be proud of, and why the subtitle regrets are things you have learned and make you who you are. Bad experiences follow you and mold you as a person. There are many things that I regret, and this album I used a level of emotional honesty that I had never before approached.

As I said before, you succeeded very young, just 20, does that has influenced an album needed to wrap?

‘Actually I never hear my previous albums and not just that is matured, is that I’m someone else. Do you remember what you were like 20?

No, not really.

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