Help Create A Live Video At Jamie Cullum’s Cologne Gig

Jamie Cullum

Photo Credit: JCHQ

Want to take part in creating a great live video – here’s all the details you need from JCHQ

Jamie’s gig at the Alter Wartesaal is getting really close and it’s your turn to help us create a live video for one of the new songs!

We’re working with Vyclone, a free iPhone & Android app that connects people filming the same event. All you have to do is capture the moment from your point of view and upload your video to the app; Vyclone will do the rest to create a video that combines all of our experiences.

Ready to participate? Here’s what you need to do in five simple steps:

1. Get your phone and download the app for free here:
Sign up, and follow @JamieCullum.

2. Press Record in the camera when the song comes (Jamie will warn you). Vyclone counts how many people are filming with you.

3. Finish recording, add comments & we’ll autotag it #JamieCullum, and upload your movie.

4. Your video is sent to Vyclone, where they will process other people’s perspective and send back an edited movie.

5. Share, Like, comment — and be on the lookout for Jamie’s official edit of the video after the show!

Download Vyclone on the iPhone or Android here:

See you there!

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