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On April 24, Jamie Cullum offered us an explosive live with Leather, packed (read the live report here ). Crumb was then met to talk about his new album, Momentum, in a nice store, The International Records, close to Rue Oberkampf. If the difference is striking between the LP and the live, Jamie stands up very well and explains that in the end, everything does not fit in well defined cases …

Tell us about the genesis of your new album.
I started to create the album at home, thinking it was just demos, as a basis to record songs in the studio. In the end, I loved those records so that I have reused on the album, we can hear some taken voice, piano, etc., and even the original battery on the track. Everything you did not do . With two children at home, it took time to optimize my stay creative. Whenever I had a moment, I used my iPhone to set the batteries, playing notes on the keyboard kids in a Dictaphone, even on old tape recorders.

Your new album is centered around the notion of becoming an adult, am I wrong?
rather I would consider becoming an adult. At each stage, we believe the future: one buys his first car, we moved into a new apartment, we landed a first job, falling in love … And then you have kids, and say “this is it.” The album recalls that even as an adult, it is important to stay attached to his curiosity, the sense of adventure we had when we were young. It is impossible to forget the whole thing at once. The album has two facets. The first is to accept its responsibilities. The second: out all night and do shit.

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If someone came to you, when you were young, to prevent you from what you expected?
We did it! I was older than me musician friends who warned me and told me that whatever happens, you should not get married. Except that I met the right one, I hit the jackpot .

Live, you talking to your audience that you were not at all popular with the girls at school …
This is wrong, the girls always gets off me, I told shit (laughs). It was hard, it is true, because at thirteen year old girls are still interested in older they boys is what I meant. When I was eighteen, I seemed to be in September, this is a tragedy. I never have a beard like yours, it’s sad, I’m thirty-three!

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