Tuesday 13th November is Super Cullum Tuesday!

Hey everyone

I hope you don’t have any plans this Tuesday night, if you do then scrap them!!

Photo Credit: BBC Radio 2

BBC Radio 2 show 7pm!

Because this Tuesday is a special day as we have Jamie’s BBC Radio 2 show at 7pm. And this week Jamie is joined by Diana Krall. Diana will be chatting to Jamie about her latest album, Glad Rag Doll and her musical influences. And it doesn’t stop there as Jamie and Diana will be performing a duet together at the Elton John piano!

And when you thought your Tuesday night was exciting enough, there is more…..

Parksinon Masterclass 9pm SkyArts

Photo Credit: SkyArts

As next up at 9pm is the eagerly awaited new TV series from Sir Michael Parkinson, superbly named Parkinson Masterclass. The series kicks off with Jamie’s insightful interview which was filmed back in May. The interview delves into the mind of the musician providing a wonderful insight into the world of Jamie Cullum. There are also some rather beautiful performances at the piano that you wont want to miss. So make sure you tune in at 9pm to SkyArts!

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Photo Credit: SkyArts

Twitter Trending

So lets kick start this Super Cullum Tuesday off by adding #SuperCullumTuesday and #ParkinsonMasterclass to all our tweets, it would be fantastic to get Jamie trending! Start tweeting now and see you all Tuesday!!


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