Jamie’s review of Paul McCartney’s album “Kisses on the Bottom”

Jamie recently interviewed Sir Paul McCartney, which will air on Jamie’s radio show on Tuesday 7th February.

Jamie has also reviewed Paul’s new album and you can what Jamie thinks of it below.

From The Guardian

Paul McCartney’s new album, Kisses on the Bottom, which you can listen to here, sees him turning his hand to jazz-age standards. And the result, writes Jamie Cullum, is a triumph

The Beatles always had a soft spot for the era of songwriting that came before they invented the modern rock band. It’s nice of them really, considering that by the 70s the genre they helped define had made dinosaurs of the likes of Frank Sinatra (who later sang the Beatles’ Something and Yesterday). Among the many things that made them unique, the ghosts of Cole Porter, Fats Waller and Harold Arlen helped give the Beatles the tools to experiment with the kind of structure and melody that gave birth to some of their greatest songs.

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The cheekily titled Kisses on the Bottom is Paul McCartney’s tribute to the songs he heard his father play at the piano when he was a boy. These tunes were never dismissed by McCartney as “music his parents listened to” as many of his generation subsequently would when Beatlemania took hold. It is a circle he has been hoping to complete for many years.

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Listen to Paul’s album “Kisses on the Bottom” here

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