Film ‘Gun of The Black Sun’ featuring Jamie Cullum & the band Taxi

A few days ago I posted about a film called Gun of The Black Sun, a film which was released last year which features two tracks from Jamie and his old band Taxi.

Since that post the Producer, Co-Writer, and actor Gary Douglas Thompson has kindly given me a great insight into how Jamie and the band Taxi came to be apart of this film.

The film is a Fantasy Adventure and was released on 1st August 2011. The film stars Gary Douglas, Richard Lynch and Ian Wright.

Film Plot

A Nazi luger pistol from W.W.2 with dark and mystical powers re-emerges in modern day Bucharest taken to London. En-route it falls into the hands of a media mogul intent on using its power to bring the return of the Forth Reich through Technology.

Film reviews

Filmaster review: MONDAY 22. AUGUST 2011. This film has cult written all over it. And if bikes, swords, Ian Wright (yes the formal Arsenal footballer), fast women, guns and dodgy deals are your thing it’d be worth getting yourself a crate of beers, some mates and enjoying the fast paced action and intrigue.

Popbitch review: Back in June we told you about a new ‘film’ starring Ian Wright, called Gun of the Black Sun. Well, we’ve finally seen it and erm, umm –you’re not watching a classic.OR MAYBE YOU ARE.

This is a photo of Jamie playing the keyboard with the band Taxi on set, at the Ace Cafe

Photo Credit: Gary Douglas Thompson

I asked Gary how Jamie and the band Taxi became involved in the film, especially as we know that Jamie left this band many years ago, and so here are a few words from the producer himself.

“As it is a totally independent film it took many years to shoot and complete. The opening scenes with Jamie and Taxi playing were shot in September 2002 as a teaser for the film to raise finance.
How I met Taxi was a friend of mine used to book bands for the Marquee club and I told him I was looking for great un-signed bands to use in my film. He suggested I meet up with Taxi, they had two rough recordings of the tracks which I loved and saw their and Jamie’s potential. I did a deal with them, and paid for them to be properly recorded, in return I could use them in the film.
The first Track “To the Bone” is used in the beginning of the film as they are playing live when my character walks into the Ace Cafe, the track is then used for the motorcycle race that follows a few minutes after. You can see a little bit of them from the trailer here:
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The second Track (Through The Storm) is used much later in the film when the scene is in Romania, the track works fab with this scene very surreal.
Literally a few months after Jamie’s appearance in the film he was playing as the 606 club and his career skyrocketed”

The band Taxi on the set of Gun of The Black Sun

You can purchase your own copy of this film (which includes a CD of the soundtrack) at the official website

You can also find out more about this film on the official Facebook page.

A big thank you to Gary Douglas Thompson for taking the time out to share this information with me. You can also find Gary on Twitter @axelorourke.

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