Cullum Weekly: It’s Been A Hot Week For Jamie News

Welcome to Cullum Weekly, a new feature that aims to give you the round up of all the Jamie related news from the week gone by!

This past week  has been a busy week for Jamie ,  with a performance in Miami and meeting the Queen. And unveiling more videos for his new collaboration with three Spanish artists, Franklin Tshimini, Nita, and Carlos Sadness from the band Fuel Fandango.

As mentioned last week, Jamie performed in Miami and you can now read his interviews from Glamour Magazine and Billboard. Also check out some of the videos here, Caravan, I’m All Over It  and High And Dry
Jamie met the Queen at  a special ‘Celebration of the Arts’ event at the Royal Academy of Arts. See more photos from the event here

The third teaser video of Jamie’s new collaboration with Frank T, Carlos Sadness and Nita from the band Fuel Fandango was released yesterday, and on Facebook Jamie wrote “It’s the last of the teasers folks. 3 of 3. Have a listen to the work in progress. Finished song being unveiled VERY soon.” Watch all three videos here Part 1| Part 2| Part3
And we can’t forget this most adorable photo of Jamie, Chris and Brad, released this week by Ryan Troy at
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Over the last few days Jamie has been treating his fans on Facebook to some great photos, and I have to say it was nice to see him online interacting with his fans. Take a look at his photos here and be sure to let him know what you think of them
Jamie Cullum Fanzone brought you the opportunity (with thanks to Parkinson Productions) of submitting your question to Jamie for the Michael Parkinson Masterclass which is being filmed next week. I know they received some great questions and the best ones were selected, and fans have been invited along to ask their question in person. This show will be aired around September time. You can read more about the show here

Well that’s it for this time, perhaps after such a busy week Jamie will be relaxing and watching The Eurovision Song Contest tonight! Don’t forget he has co written the Germany entry “Standing Still” which is being sung by Roman Lob. If you haven’t heard it yet, check it out here.


Thank you all for reading and your continued support for JCF, see you next week for the next Cullum Weekly!


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