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This week we heard the news that Jamie briefly appears in a film, will be on a new CD from Harry Shearer and a new video interview from his time in Miami was released.

Many years ago Jamie used to be in a band called “Taxi”, they are a rock band and Jamie played the keyboard. Two of the songs from the band were used in a film called “Gun of The Black Sun”, a film that was actually being filmed 10 years ago and was released last August. The Producer and actor Gary Douglas Thompson contacted the site to tell me all about how Jamie and his then band “Taxi” became involved. Find out which scene Jamie is in and hear both tracks here.
Jamie will be appearing on a new album from from Harry Shearer titled “Can’t Take A Hint”, and Jamie’s track is called “A Few Bad Apples”. Read more on this here
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Last week I mentioned there would be a new video interview from Jamie, and you can now watch it here.
A new podcast from Sodajerker this week sees Guy Chambers talking about his work with Robbie Williams, Jamie and more. You can hear all about his work with Jamie writing “London Skies” here.

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Jamie features an archive recording from James Moody on his BBC Radio 2 show next Tuesday. Make sure you tune in at 7pm.

That’s all for this week, thank you all for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed the latest news round up, see you all next week!

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