Check out Jamie’s piano work on “Dry Spell”

Casey Abrams

A few weeks ago we posted the news that former American Idol contestant Casey Abrams was recording a new album which featured Jamie.

And now you can listen to the song, it’s called “Dry Spell” and can be heard below. Unfortunately Jamie is not singing but we do get to listen to his piano playing. What do you think?

I have listened to Casey’s album in full and I actually really like it.

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You can now buy the album at Amazon.

Here is a short review of “Dry Spell from NY Daily News

“The jazzier songs have more individuality than the pop ones. Better, they allow Abrams to show off his double-bass-playing chops, especially in “Dry Spell,” where he really swings under a rollicking piano solo from the equally impish Jamie Cullum.”

Read more here.


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